TV Club: Luke Cage can’t push past standard action fare

For a show that elevated itself from standard action television with stunning visuals and stylistic choices, it’s disappointing to see it all comes down to a tired villain trope: A scorned illegitimate child taking their anger and frustration out on their half-sibling. “Now You’re Mine” centers on the aftermath of Diamondback shooting as the police attempt to bring in Luke. As Harlem’s Paradise empties after Diamondback shoots Misty, Diamondback The episode is pretty standard action fare but when the expectations for Luke Cage were set so high with the stylish and intriguing episodes earlier this season, “Now You’re Mine” can feel just fine, if a little disappointing. Some characters really shone or grew this episode, Claire and Captain Ridley, others felt like they were reacting impulsively, Diamondback. Diamondback’s unraveling felt like a complete meltdown of the character rather than getting to the core of the …

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