TV Club: Lucifer unmasks the “Monster” within, and it’s not very fun

As fitting as it is for Lucifer to have a Halloween episode on Halloween, that doesn’t end up meaning that the show’s taking the night off for fun. In fact, this week’s episode is far from the most fun episode of the season, despite the backdrop. And despite the fact that it opens with a “zombie” wedding in a cemetery, which is the type of thing you usually expect to set the tone of an episode. But it’s a lack of fun—which doesn’t mean the episode is without its moments, as Maze taking Trixie trick-or-treating is an instant recipe for success—that makes perfect sense within the proper context. This is the aftermath of Lucifer killing his brother Uriel, after all.

This is the aftermath of Lucifer killing, period.

It’s easy to forget, but as this episode mentions, Lucifer isn’t a killer …

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