TV Club: Lucifer rides shotgun as emotional baggage takes the wheel

For all that Lucifer‘s second season has been doing well in terms of character work this early on, Detective Chloe Decker has been somewhat on the sideline. It’s particularly noticeable in terms of her partnership with Lucifer himself, especially as his own family drama and issues of self-loathing continue to distance him from the good detective. So even though it’s become rather apparent that this sidelining is a means to prepare the Chloe character for bigger things to come, it’s been a bit frustrating in a way. Obviously, an episode like “Lady Parts” exists, but the Chloe/Lucifer relationship specifically was one of the earliest consistent working parts of Lucifer‘s first season. So there’s something missing when it’s clearly being pushed aside.

“My Little Monkey” is the first episode of the season to really bring Chloe’s character back into the forefront after …

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