TV Club: Lucifer discovers distractions, rendering him just as useless as the rest of us

“Lady Parts” is a good episode of Lucifer in terms of what it sets up more than what it actually is. Because when it comes to what it is, the episode is a drop-off in terms of the top-to-bottom quality of the past couple of episodes. As Lucifer has been a roll lately when it comes to the humor and the supernatural family drama of it all, “Lady Parts” is more of a speed bump than a consistent climb for the second season. In a way, that’s understandable, as this is still a procedural on network television, and that means it has the added pressure of managing to not burn-out under those creative and episode constraints. So “Lady Parts” still moves the plot and characters along, making for a satisfactory set-up episode, but after the highs of the past couple of episodes, the episode somewhat pales in comparison.

And …

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