TV Club: Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha

Above all else (besides maybe money), professional wrestling is a storytelling medium. That’s a fact that usually becomes lost or disregarded as a result of less-than-ideal storytelling or Vince McMahon’s incoherent ramblings, but it is the point. And it’s not just the idea of storylines and backstage skits with the cast of Entourage: The best and worst storytelling that can occur in professional wrestling does so inside the ring. It’s upsettingly easy to forget, and that’s why Lucha Underground has been so special during its first and possibly last season. It’s not just the combination of inhuman luchadores and cinematically impressive backstage bits—everything within the wrestling ring matters. With the final three hours of Lucha Underground—with Ultima Lucha—that’s more evident than ever.

Part one of Ultima Lucha last week was a beautiful moment in time, captured within the confines of …

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