TV Club: Lovesick understands that romance is all about timing

Any discussion of the British Netflix series Lovesick must first acknowledge that it originally premiered as Scrotal Recall. The former name was a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it certainly raised some eyebrows. On the other, it completely misrepresented the show, which happens to be the story of an overly emotional bloke who is diagnosed with chlamydia. Lovesick—while still perhaps overly reliant on a pun—is more fitting. Not just because it’s not as crass, but also because it’s a good representation of how the show makes its viewers feel. Upon finishing the second season, which premiered on Netflix earlier in November, my heart broke.

The first episode of the entire series establishes that this show is not just about a man with an STI. It’s also makes it clear that it’s not interested in his sexual exploits, so much as it …

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