TV Club: Love’s Mickey and Gus are not good people

When we first get together with someone, going against the prevailing narrative, we aren’t all consumed by them. A text may send us into butterflies-in-the-tummy zone but this idea that this new person is all we can think about it utter garbage because, I mean, someone’s got to pay the rent around here. It makes sense that Gus spends his morning crafting the perfect “Sup?” text plus emoji, and Mickey reads it, gets distracted after a fender bender hit and run that is entirely her fault. She forgets it, and Gus, exists until the end of the episode. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t some cognitive dissonance in my brain that believes that because these two people are characters that they should be constantly obsessing over each other, texting back and forth and discussing their love lives with friends and colleagues. That happens to a small …

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