TV Club: Love can’t break its habits in “The Long D”

Both “Liberty Down” and “The Long D” find Mickey and Gus moving in opposite directions, and there’s a whiplash quality to the two of them together. In the first, it’s Mickey who is on the road to enlightenment; in the second, it’s Gus. Mickey’s frustration means her old, destructive habits make a damning reappearance, just as Gus finally gains some self-awareness. The brutal sequence midway through the episode hammers this point home: Gus sits at an Al-Anon meeting, listening to people tell stories about caring for their friends and family struggling with addiction. Then we cut back to Mickey, in the throes of pleasure with Dustin, having skipped out on a SLAA meeting to spend time with him. We’re witnessing a betrayal, yes, but also a regression.

“The Long D” is about habits, and how people become habits for one another. Take Bertie, for instance …

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