TV Club: Louise does her best Atticus Finch in a silly Bob’s Burgers

Episodes like “A Few ‘Gurt Men” demand careful writing. Even by the typical standards of a Bob’s Burgers episode, nothing that happens tonight matters. The mock trials are a complete joke within the context of the show’s universe, so the question becomes how to get viewers to invest in the proceedings enough for it not to be a total waste of time. This frequently comes up when the show mixes kids and adults—especially adults who aren’t Bob and Linda—in the same plotline. When it’s just the kids, everyone is on a similar enough level of immaturity that the objectively low stakes can still feel important to them. Indeed, as we see with the adult Belchers’ story tonight, that can also be true of stories that at least theoretically involve the grown-up. But the presence of a retired judge and a bunch of Wagstaff teachers …

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