TV Club: Louis CK returns for a refreshingly odd Saturday Night Live

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [comedy auteur and standup] star!”

Louis CK got plenty of time for his monologue, as all standups do on SNL, especially when they’re four-time hosts with a new comedy special and pretty much universal acclaim. The monologue was more playful than usual, with CK breaking out some unexpected animal impressions and physical comedy between the signature uncomfortable but brilliant bits. Actually, the opening bit about a racist chicken combined the two quite nicely, as CK started out by knocking his audience back on their heels before unpacking what seemed like an unsalvageable premise. That’s Louis CK’s métier, and no one’s better at taking a joke to the edge and tiptoeing nimbly along it. Speaking of his undeserved but now-routine sense of celebrity entitlement when staying in five-star hotels these days, his bit about copping an attitude with housekeeping …

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