TV Club: Louie: “Untitled”

I’m used to Louie bringing tears to my eyes, but “Untitled” is the first time my eyes peed their pants in fear. It starts out so pleasantly, too. It’s just a day in the life of Louie with an easy, open-armed non-title, like it’s still being worked on, unformed, a doodle. In the background, though, the horror mounts. At worst I suspected Jane is depressed, because she talks about having no friends, she’s worried for the lobsters in the tank at the grocery store, and she tells her doctor she sometimes thinks she could take a deep breath and make a wish and vanish into nothingness. Jane might be depressed after all, but Louie’s the one we should be concerned about here. After falling asleep in the taxi, he wakes up in his bedroom, and he doesn’t remember getting there. Then there’s a …

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