TV Club: Louie: “The Road Pt. 2”

Well, I was wrong. “The Road Pt. 1” drops just enough hints that maybe “Pt. 2” could be the silver lining behind the cloud, but it’s just another cloud. It even begins the same way: the beverage cart violently ramming into Louie’s leg on the airplane, and then a person waiting to pick him up who is not exactly Louie’s kind of person. In this case it’s the club owner’s daughter, April, an aloof young woman who is on her phone most of the time she’s driving while poor, dumb Louie tries and fails to figure out how to politely suggest she stop taking his life so cavalierly from the passenger seat.

But what “The Road Pt. 2” explores is the idea that Louie’s kind of person might be a little narrow. Or a lot narrow. That is, the problem might be his …

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