TV Club: Louie: “Pot Luck”

At the start of season five, Louie’s tired of new experiences. He tells his therapist he’s finding it harder to try anymore. This after a stand-up routine about the virtues of blissful ignorance. Louie doesn’t want to know anything else, and he doesn’t feel like doing anything new. He sits there babbling his doctor into a light-to-no coma, and he finally sees how some people see him: “Oh my god, I’m a boring asshole now!” Welcome back, Louie.

There are two ways to take that line. Louie the man has long struggled to simply give a shit. It’s not the first time he’s realized he needs to try, but seeing his doctor fall asleep listening to him is just the right sign to shock him into action. But for Louie the character, this is him worrying that the critiques are right, that Louie …

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