TV Club: Louie: “Cop Story”

I’m with Lenny. “Cop Story” doesn’t hit very hard. Considering it’s about an obnoxious sad sack cop with no loved ones who sometimes considers killing himself (Michael Rapaport’s Lenny), it sure is nimble. It doesn’t dwell on anything, least of all what it means to return a gun to a man who only realized he lost it because he was going to demonstrate his suicidal fantasy. Instead, the gun brings light into Lenny’s life. When Louie walks in the door and holds up the service weapon, Lenny hugs him to the ground and cries on his shoulder, Louie still holding the gun behind this guy who isn’t more trouble than he’s worth like a reverse Of Mice And Men. Something went right for once.

The search for the gun leads to some funny stuff, but first Louie returns to the bar to …

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