TV Club: Louie: “Bobby’s House”

“You are paying your bills doing what you love. You got a beautiful wife. You got a divorce. You get part-time custody of two beautiful kids. Me, I got nothing. No money, no skills, no Twitter. My sperm don’t work…I had em checked out. They’re all dead.” That’s Louie’s brother Bobby sitting across the couch from Louie and telling him how good he has it. At first it’s a scene about Bobby. Why does he actively look for ways to feel bad about himself? His self-esteem is so low that he’s misremembered himself as the older brother, putting even more pressure on himself to succeed. Louie corrects him: “Bobby, you’re 44, and I’m 47.” The joke’s still on Bobby when the egg-timer energy-saving lights go out at the end, a dry cosmic punchline to his sad sack comedy. But in …

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