TV Club: Lost (Classic): “Stranger In A Strange Land”/“Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”

“Stranger In A Strange Land” (originally aired 02/21/2007)

Lore gives “Stranger In A Strange Land” an important place in the history of Lost. It was the episode that finally convinced ABC that Lindelof and Cuse needed an end date to save the show from itself, with a flashback so inert it broke down decades of broadcasting logic and earned the show a chance to end the way it deserved to.

It’s arguably Lost‘s most infamous episode, which makes revisiting it particularly challenging. The legend of “Stranger In a Strange Land”—or “The One About Jack’s Tattoos”—has grown well beyond the content of the episode itself, to the point where I had only vague recollections of what took place in the episode. I went into it looking to see if I could find the origin of its badness, as if this rewatch had the potential …

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