TV Club: Lost (Classic): “Left Behind”/“One Of Us”

“Left Behind” (originally aired 04/04/2007)

Lost fans wanted—and heck, in some cases still want—answers. And although I ultimately feel that those who reduced Lost to mysteries that needed to be solved are doing the show a disservice, I do not blame fans for wanting answers. It’s a basic human reaction: when riddles are presented, we want them to be solved.

In “Left Behind,” the search for answers becomes part of the text itself. Kate has been sitting handcuffed in the Others’ rec room while Locke has been holding Ben hostage and blowing up submarines, and she has no idea what’s going on. The last she heard, Jack was leaving the island, and the next Juliet is delivering her a sandwich without offering any additional context. The next morning, Locke shows up and says “goodbye,” announces he’s leaving with the Others, and sets the …

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