TV Club: Lost (Classic): “Exposé”

“Exposé” (originally aired 03/28/2007)

Noel: When last we left Lost, Ben had used his “magic box” to bring Locke’s con-man father to The Island, while Sayid and Kate were being held captive by The Others after their failed attempt to rescue Jack—who himself was reeling from Locke blowing up his ride home. Over the previous few episodes, the show had loaded up on Island and off-Island mythology, while ramping up the conflict and edging fans ever closer to the “answers” they’d been demanding since season one.

So, naturally, we spend this week with Nikki and Paulo.

I bring the context of this episode up only to say that I understand why so many Losties were mad at “Exposé” back in March of 2007, and why so many hate it still. Season three’s addition of Nikki and Paulo was born of good impulses: It …

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