TV Club: Loss and sacrifice course through the finale of The Last Kingdom

Ever since Uhtred saw his adopted family being slaughtered, he’s never once questioned any amount of sacrifice to secure himself a future, one that included his return to Bebbanburg and revenge for the murder of his family. He’s sacrificed relationships with his friends and family, and worked to prove himself loyal to Alfred and the Saxons. In last week’s episode, that led him to be trusted by Alfred, thus beginning their plans for one final battle with the Danes for control of Wessex. The question then becomes, with all of Uhtred’s sacrifices in the past, how many more must he make for Wessex to be returned to Alfred and the Saxons?

Sacrifice and loss permeate the episode. Sure, both themes have been relevant to the series thus far, but no episode before this finale has so profoundly woven them into the action and plot. For all …

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