TV Club: Looking: “Looking Top To Bottom”

There are moments during “Looking Top To Bottom” that turn us into Doris and Malik, politely smiling and staring at our food. Even the title is a little bit embarrassing, and not in that productive way where Looking is out and proud about something typically repressed. More like, that’s what you settled on? Maybe it’s okay to have a little shame. “Looking Top To Bottom” is a much needed Kevin spotlight with charm to spare, but it feels like a first draft.

Partly that has to do with following the past two episodes, one a delirious reintroduction and the other a Diane Lockhart statement necklace. “Looking Top To Bottom” was more than likely going to rest in the shadow of the redwoods. But it also has to do with the episode doing so much housekeeping. Kevin and Patrick spend the day with Patrick’s friends and the night …

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