TV Club: Looking: “Looking For The Promised Land”

“Looking For The Promised Land” is such a playful reintroduction it turns a light party episode into a mystery game. It doesn’t immediately update us on the characters or come right out and tell us how long it’s been. It’s toying with us. It has at least two surprises in store, and only by the end is it clear exactly where everyone is in life. It’s like Patrick trying to confess he’s Kevin’s mistress but perpetually getting sidetracked. Only with with a lot more self-awareness.

Anyway first things first: The episode begins with Agustín rehab. Get it? The episode takes its time with everything else, but it wants us to know front and center that it’s working to reintroduce this alienating character. Patrick has planned a wholesome retreat among the redwoods for the guys, “primarily” to help restore Agustín’s spirits, but also …

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