TV Club: Looking: “Looking For Sanctuary”

The opening of “Looking For Sanctuary” is so entertaining that you could completely miss it setting up the episode’s three major ideas. First, it’s a comedy of narrow perspective, both ours and Patrick’s. It starts with an image that’s tough to parse. You could call it opaque, but it’s two panes of glass. We know what we’re looking at—windows and vertical blinds—but we don’t have enough context to understand the arrangement. Then two things happen to let us into the scene: The blinds start open, revealing the view, and we glide to the right, revealing Patrick. Is he apartment hunting? Kevin’s hands appear on his shoulders, and they start talking about, what else, fucking against the window. “And those windows can take it,” says someone. “They’re double-paned.” Suddenly the camera swings over to the realtor (Christine Estabrook, Joan’s …

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