TV Club: Looking: “Looking For Home”

The second season of Looking takes Patrick from a liberating spell in an ancient forest to a nightmarish odyssey inside a concrete labyrinth. Turns out Kevin’s Whitecaps is the barracks for an Aryan army of Stepford gays, and they’re looking to induct him into their ranks via a strange but colossal orgy the likes of which Nic Pizzolatto couldn’t dream of. Patrick keeps trying to escape, but the building won’t let him out. The elevator’s claustrophobic, the hallways are creepy, and you need permission to go anywhere. Sirens tie the plots together. The building works on Kevin like the Overlook on Jack Torrance, outing his dark side, starting with little things like lording his status over the peons who once looked down on him and slowly working up toward Kevin’s belief that monogamy is for fools. In the end it takes a magic amulet …

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