TV Club: Locations, casting, and the battle to shoot on film threaten to derail Project Greenlight

I’d like to play poker with Effie Brown. What she’s thinking is never a mystery throughout the course of this episode; even when she’s silent, her facial expressions speak volumes. When she starts a sentence by saying “with love in my heart,” it’s the equivalent of Tony Soprano saying “all due respect”: You’re about to get whacked.

Playing poker with Jason Mann, however, would be a bit like playing with an alien. This week’s episode opens with some boys-will-be-boys high jinks as Pete Jones and Peter Farrelly try to hit a distant doorknob with a Nerf football, and Jason fits in about as well as Mr. Spock at a frat kegger. Despite his cringe-worthy attempts at hugging, he’s no team player; he’s still firmly encased in the shell of the Uncompromising Artist. None of the Southern California houses found by location scout …

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