TV Club: Liv takes on zombie truthers on iZombie

It’s amazing what a difference an episode makes. After last week overloaded on plot and under-delivered on almost everything else, “Conspiracy Weary” manages to almost completely get the season back on track. Yes, there’s still a lot going on here, but it’s parceled out here into well-paced, manageable chunks that do a lot of legwork moving along the season’s storylines while simultaneously being extremely entertaining.

Once again the episode essentially abandons the case of the week structure, turning the weekly brain into a way to advance the zombie vs. human plot instead. The show left off last week with Don E chained up, a gun to Ravi’s head, and Liv and Blaine outside ready to rescue them. It was a bit of a failed cliffhanger then, but the continuation of the scene makes for very satisfying events to open this episode. iZombie only pulls out …

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