TV Club: Liv learns that being a superhero doesn’t come easy on iZombie

The thing about being a superhero is that it requires sacrifices. Your loved ones are always in danger, simply by being in your life, and keeping your double life a secret makes things even worse. Your romantic life is always in shambles, because your superhero work is constantly getting in the way. And you always, always have to put the greater good—or at least the latest mission—ahead of any personal feelings or interests you may have.

Liv Moore might not be a superhero, but he transition into zombie life has many of the same themes. She’s estranged from her family, unable to tell them why she couldn’t donate blood to her brother. She’s struggling in her relationship, as the brains she eats to stay alive and alert affect her ability to remain herself when around Major. And the one thing she counts on to make …

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