TV Club: Liv is all talk on a gossipy iZombie

“Wag The Tongue Slowly” is one of those episodes designed to inch everything just a little bit forward. Typically these are considered place-setting episodes, there to set the stage for events to come in the future and not much more. Somehow, this episode manages to feel like not just place-setting, even when that’s almost exactly what most of it is. iZombie has a way of inching things forward while still keeping it entertaining.

Last week dropped a big bomb on the brewing Ravi, Peyton, and Blaine love triangle situation, and this episode doesn’t shy away from the aftermath. Ravi spends most of the episode alternately hungover, depressed, and angry, but the show somewhat wisely uses his misery as a source of humor rather than really asking the audience to feel sympathy. It turns out angry, sad, hungover Ravi is pretty funny, especially when he’s interacting with Major …

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