TV Club: Linda remains the trickiest Bob’s Burgers character

A lot of tonight’s episode can be a bit much. That makes sense, considering Linda Belcher is the embodiment of “a bit much.” Linda episodes are notoriously tricky beasts, taking a character who generally works best in small doses and making her inane insanity (insane inanity?) the focus of the story. “Grand Mama-pest Hotel” gives us the latest entry in a particular sub-genre of Linda episode, in which she massively overcompensates in the hopes of connecting with one of her kids. Louise was an early recipient of this treatment in “Mother Daughter Laser Razor.” Gene got a modified version of this story when Linda got obsessed with his cheerleading prowess in “Gene It On.” And now Tina’s efforts to befriend the cool proto-goth teen Dillon are stymied by her mother’s desperate need to be her best friend. The result is an episode that relies on cringe humor …

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