TV Club: Limitless adds “Romantic Caper” to its growing bag of tricks

Every crime procedural is built around a story-engine—in order for there to be “cases of the week,” there needs to be some type of structure in place that will successfully generate cases with that level of frequency.

When Craig Sweeny went about turning Limitless into a television show (a process he chatted about with The A.V. Club last week), he included what on the surface reads as a pretty standard story engine: after coming in contact with the brain-stimulating NZT, Brian Finch was strategically positioned at the FBI by the film’s protagonist. While the “magic pill” might give Brian his “abilities,” it’s the FBI that gives Limitless its structure.

However, it’s a very loose structure. The FBI office Brian works at is known as the Cross Jurisdictional Command (almost exclusively referred to just as the CJC)—it’s a fictional entity, but that gives the …

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