TV Club: Life is a cabaret in a jaunty Mozart In The Jungle

For so much of Mozart In The Jungle, Hailey has been a second fiddle in her career. She’s been an assistant and a substitute, running around and doing others’ bidding. In “Creative Solutions For Creative Lives” she risks being put in this position again, during a moment that’s supposed to be all about her. The big opening of Lizzie’s club has arrived, and Hailey is rehearsing Thomas’ piece with the ensemble she’s created. It’s exciting to see her in charge. Only then Thomas shows up, completely undermining her power. Thomas’ possessiveness is understandable. After all, he’s been a maestro, but his reputation hangs on this composition too. Unfortunately, he acts like a possessive child. At first he sits and mutters to himself, calling her to the side to give notes. Then, he starts conducting behind her. And lastly he begins rewriting his work, creating …

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