TV Club: Liar, liar, Liv’s pants are on fire on iZombie

iZombie is full of liars. Lying is essentially baked into the premise of the show, with Liv forced to lie about her zombie status to almost everyone she comes into contact with on a daily basis. Telling the truth to someone is treated as a bigger plot point than lying, as was proven by the show-shattering way Liv’s secret was revealed to both Major and Peyton. There’s so much lying going on that it feels appropriate for the show to skewer itself a bit by having Liv eat the brain of a pathological liar and fill an episode with crazy white lies. The craziest thing? That Liv’s liar brain isn’t even close to the biggest lie being told in the episode.

Rob Thomas takes the script reins on this one, and he works with a pretty fantastic premise: While digging up that abandoned field looking for …

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