TV Club: Letting the days go by, let WWE RAW hold you down

It’s a New Era in WWE, and as such, the same six guys who wrestle each other every week are going to wrestle each other this week. On the one hand, these six guys are all extremely talented wrestlers who have traveled the world, honed their craft, and know oh so well how to sports entertain the pants off a crowd—whether that crowd’s in Oklahoma City or Winnipeg (you idiot) or Mexico or Japan. You get the picture. Plus, this week’s opening segment with them all ridiculously sitting on ladders—Chris Jericho crosses his legs!—is dumb fun. On the other hand, no one is clamoring to see Owens/Ambrose 50: This Time, It’s In Oklahoma, no matter how loud those “FIGHT OWENS FIGHT” chants get… near the end of the match.

A quick refresher: Dean Ambrose, Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn, and …

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