TV Club: Let’s try that Adam Pally guest spot again, Mindy Project

I don’t know any other show where I scour all the names from the writers’ room like The Mindy Project. I’m sure on some level these episodes are all still group efforts, but there are some episode authors I just gravitate toward more than others, when I’m really enjoying these twentysome minutes and suspect a writer I really like is behind them (like Charlie Grandy last season—and what happened to him, anyway?—or Mindy Kaling herself). For example, the author of a few of my recent favorites, Lang Fisher, has just pulled off another winner with “The Departed.”

The episode fortunately gives The Mindy Project a chance to put right what was once went wrong. A guest spot from Adam Pally is too valuable an opportunity to waste, and “The Departed” gives us and Mindy what we need, which is more time with Peter Prentice. With …

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