TV Club: Let “que sera, sera” be the motto of Scream Queens

Fairly early in Glee‘s run, Todd VanDerWerff brought up a theory people were quickly realizing about the show: There were three Glees. Obviously, there was only one show with the name Glee, but depending on who out of the show’s three showrunners wrote an episode (during the show’s pre-standard writers room days), the show could be wildly different. At the time, I found Brad Falchuk’s Glee to be the overall best, with Ian Brennan’s either being very hit or miss (and nowhere in between), and Ryan Murphy’s being the most manic, highlighting everything people criticize Murphy’s work for being overall. Murphy’s Glee was “The Rocky Horror Glee Show.”

Right now, it’s too soon in Scream Queen‘s life to try to apply a three Scream Queens theory to it, but it’s already a factor in a scene-to-scene basis. The …

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