TV Club: Legion proves David’s mind is the most treacherous ground

For most of us, retreating into our thoughts or daydream is a way of coping with something bad or unpleasant. We can briefly pull away to recall something more pleasant, or mentally deliver the snappy retort or withering dismissal we’ve only just come up with. Some of us linger longer than others, but we always come back. But it’s been made abundantly clear that David Haller is not like any of us, and one of the ways that’s been demonstrated is by the fact that he’s always been reluctant to go his “headspace.” That’s because he’s probably always known that there’s something even worse there—yes, something more disturbing or dangerous than Division 3, or The Eye and not-Rudy’s bullets.

Another reason why hanging out in the nooks and crannies of David’s mind was to be avoided is because it implies …

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