TV Club: Legends Of Tomorrow takes the easy way out with its Confederate zombies

Tonight’s episode splits itself neatly between three very different storylines. While each of the de facto teams has to deal with a deadly threat, there’s a decided gulf between the seriousness of Jefferson and Amaya’s encounter with the horrors of slavery and the relative levity of Sara and Nate hobnobbing with Ulysses S. Grant and Professor Stein freaking out about zombies back on the Waverider. In theory, there’s an intriguing opportunity here to put these three very different stories in conversation with one another, to have the proceedings in one inform the others. As it is, though, everything remains so isolated, with only the flimsiest connections beyond the basic fact that they all have to do with the zombie menace. The result is still a solid enough Legends Of Tomorrow entry, but one that feels like it falls far short of its potential.

Let’s start …

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