TV Club: Legends Of Tomorrow struggles with its central conflict, but excels in other areas

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow has the unenviable task of making DC Comics’ convoluted superhero mythology accessible and engaging outside of comics, which is especially difficult when working within the confines of TV. There are budgetary restrictions, which limit how much the story can rely on spectacle to captivate the audience, and then there’s the challenge of interpreting extraordinary events in a context that falls within The CW’s general brand. That brand has considerably expanded in recent years, but it’s still built on series that combine soap-operatic relationship drama with various genres, from superhero to horror, history, sci-fi, musical, and telenovela. With a cast of nine (including Hawkman, who will most certainly be back in some capacity), Legends Of Tomorrow has a lot of characters to create drama with, but the writers are struggling to bring emotional weight to the story when it drifts into more fantastic …

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