TV Club: Legends Of Tomorrow needs Tolkien’s help to save all of reality (and fails)

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow has really hit its stride in the back half of its second season, and frankly I’m surprised by just how much I’ve enjoyed the last two episodes. For a long time I wouldn’t consider Legends an especially high-quality TV series even if I liked what it was doing, but since it’s come back from hiatus, it’s embraced a sense of wonder and fun while making major adjustments to its plotting and deepening the character relationships. In the new year, the show has been regularly making strong decisions: The George Lucas-centric “Raiders Of The Lost” had a delightful sense of humor and a mission that created high personal stakes for the heroes in a clever way. “Legion Of Doom” fleshed out the show’s team of villains and helped viewers understand their motivation. The introduction of evil Rip Hunter gave the …

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