TV Club: Legends Of Tomorrow improves slightly with a prison break in the U.S.S.R.

With three team members holed up in Soviet gulag, the Legends Of Tomorrow gang has a clearly defined mission for this week’s episode: rescue their comrades, and prevent Vandal Savage from creating an army of Soviet Firestorms that will doom the future. “Fail-Safe” is a fairly straightforward prison break story, but this central plan gives the episode a stronger direction than last week’s scattered chapter, focusing everyone’s attention on a shared goal that they can only achieve by working together. It’s basic team stuff, but the basics are what this series needs to work on right now.

If Rip Hunter had his way, this team would never come together as a cohesive unit because they would never be in the field at the same time. He refuses to let Jax and Kendra help Snart and Sara with the prison break because they’re the two people …

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