TV Club: Legends Of Tomorrow heads to 1920s Chicago as the Legion of Doom strikes

After helping save the Earth in 2016, the Legends are back to business as usual in “The Chicago Way,” jumping to 1920s Chicago to stop a time aberration surrounding Al Capone. Little do they know that they’re playing directly into the hands of their time-traveling enemies, who have hatched an elaborate plot to retrieve the amulet stolen by the Legends in 1987. Eobard Thawne and Damien Darhk’s expanding Legion of Doom (a name that hasn’t been formally used in the series, but is being used in the show’s promotional materials) now includes Malcolm Merlyn, and they successfully pull a fast one on the heroes, raising the stakes for the back half of the season by giving the team a more dangerous threat to fight against. Seeing the team of villains come together is fun, but this show’s central time-travel conceit is getting increasingly repetitive. The …

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