TV Club: Legends Of Tomorrow falls into lackluster patterns with a journey to 1776

After a couple standout episodes that gave DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow some newfound momentum, the series takes a step back and falls into familiar patterns with “Turncoat,” which has the team travelling to New Jersey, 1776, to prevent the murder of George Washington by their old leader, a now-evil Rip Hunter. The most entertaining part of this episode is the introduction from Mick Rory, which begins with him asking, “Seriously, you idiots haven’t figured this out by now?” He goes on to explain the general concept of the series—Time Lords were destroyed, causing aberrations in time that the Legends fix, but sometimes they make things worse—and then he ends with, “Who writes this crap anyway?”

This episode isn’t necessarily crap, but it is a significant step down from the last two chapters. Those offered something new; the George Lucas conundrum had strong personal stakes for …

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