TV Club: Lazy storytelling plagues Legends Of Tomorrow’s trip to Star City’s future

Up until tonight’s episode, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow has primarily focused on exploring the past of the Arrowverse, but “Star City 2046” is the show’s first chapter to take Rip’s team to the future. That future looks a lot like the set of Arrow covered in garbage. This series’ budget limitations show in this episode, and the cheapness carries over to the script, which heavily relies on Arrow‘s mythology to create stakes in the main story. Star City is in flames after Slade Wilson’s son, Grant, became the new Deathstroke and led an army into the city, and Sara Lance refuses to sit back and watch her home city crumble. She teams up with the new Green Arrow, Connor Hawke (née John Diggle, Jr.), to search for the missing Oliver Queen, and when she finds her old friend, they catch up the best way …

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