TV Club: Lazy, overstuffed storytelling makes for a messy Jessica Jones massacre

Jessica Jones gets messy with “AKA 1,000 Cuts,” and I’m not just talking about all the bloodshed that follows Kilgrave’s return to the general population. Writers Dana Baratta and Micah Schraft try to do too much with this episode, and they struggle to adequately develop the myriad plot threads they introduce. There’s the most pressing matter of Kilgrave’s escape, which leads to major events in the Jeri/Wendy/Pam story and adds a new thread involving Trish and Kilgrave’s father teaming up to create a vaccine for the virus that gives Kilgrave his powers. There’s also Simpson going on a murderous rampage to track down Kilgrave, Hope Schlottman getting released from prison, and Malcolm and Robyn revisiting Ruben’s disappearance. It’s a lot of material to cover, and the writers have to take storytelling shortcuts to make it all happen with some …

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