TV Club: Late Show With David Letterman: Series finale

The lineups for David Letterman’s final run on Late Show were met with much fanfare, but the guest list for the series finale was kept entirely hush-hush. If you were monitoring social media around the time of tonight’s taping, you could’ve sussed out some of the personalities that delivered Letterman’s final Top 10, but that would’ve obscured the truth of the matter: Tonight, the top draw on Late Show With David Letterman was David Letterman. Nobody came over to the couch; Letterman performed most of the show to the camera, from behind his desk. The super-sized episode made enough room to acknowledge the show’s staff as a whole, but many of those folks will work in TV again. This was Letterman’s retirement party, so the real focus was on him. The wry, self-deprecating, gracious, falsely modest, and genuinely humble focus.

As his farewell …

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