TV Club: Late in the season, American Gods reveals a heart of gold

I’ve hugely enjoyed the first season of American Gods: admired its range and its technical daring, thrilled with its romances, been heartened by its compassion for one-off characters. But under all this pleasure, I’ve felt resistant to the show’s charms, or maybe it’s more precise to say I felt a resistance within the show, an unwillingness to let us in.

My expectations were set high by the staggering success of Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal, a psychological thriller reimagined as a nakedly emotional psychosexual drama, which not only has a heart but thrusts that heart, raw and bloody, under our noses at every turn. In its first six episodes, Fuller and Michael Green’s series rivals Hannibal‘s wit and audacity, but under all its colorful stories, American Gods has felt shielded. Even as it reveals its characters’ emotional interiors (Shadow’s quiet scrubbing away of his …

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