TV Club: Lapis makes it rain when Steven Universe tries to make a new friend

One of Steven Universe‘s tactics for remaining vital has been the introduction of new Gems—if the Crystal Gems have gone through much of their development already and stabilized in the roles they’ve carved out for themselves on Earth, one way to shake up a consistent dynamic is to add fresh characters. So when Navy—one of the Rubies—falls out of the sky (and somehow doesn’t shatter) and essentially asks for asylum on Earth, it certainly seems plausible that she could be joining the show’s extended cast.

Over the course of the episode, Navy says all the right things to get herself in good with the Crystal Gems, perfectly parroting their emotional line about individuality, positivity, and freedom. Rather than a target for a mission from Home World, Navy now claims that the Earth is “somewhere I could be myself.” She’s relentlessly upbeat, finding …

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