TV Club: Lady Dynamite’s electifying season finale presses all the buttons

The big revelation of “Enter The Super Grisham”—that Maria’s three advisors, all with the same name, the same unassailable confidence, and the same malignant drive, are representations of her mania—isn’t a revelation at all. It’s been there in the background all along. Just seconds into the pilot, Maria tumbles down a playground slide that’s wearing Hollywood agent Karen Grisham’s glasses; the chute she falls out of is the slide’s mouth, and the swirling spiral ride down is her frantic tumble from energy to insensibility.

Karen Grisham is—all the Karen Grishams are—the embodiment of Maria’s manic episodes, and the glamorous, deluded certainty they bring out in her is a symptom of her illness. Lady Dynamite hints at this in some episodes and spells it out in others; in the season finale, the supporting characters’ role as aspects of Maria’s …

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