TV Club: Kyle Kinane: I Liked His Old Stuff Better

Kyle Kinane is a gifted storyteller with an innate sense of rhythm and timing, but what separates him from other comedians with similar styles is his optimistic worldview. On the surface, Kinane’s stand-up consists of self-deprecating stories about casually fucking up—taking a shit in a Chicago dive bar, drunken cab rides to Wendy’s, accidentally throwing out laundry money in a 7/11—but Kinane never wallows in self-pity or uses his life purely as a punchline. Instead, he takes what would otherwise be cranky, articulate rants and turns them into redemptive tales. By putting a positive spin on daily disappointments and minor setbacks, he implicitly asks the audience to find the silver lining in their mistakes and regrets.

In fact, Kinane’s first bit in his new special, I Liked His Old Stuff Better, concerns just that type of heartwarming optimism in the face of futile despair …

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