TV Club: Kroll Show: “This Has Been Such An Amazing Experience”

Kroll Show isn’t like other sketch shows. To anyone who has seen even just an episode of the Nick Kroll creation, this point is obvious, but as the series comes to its three-season conclusion tonight, it bears repeating. Because as short as its run has been—and as low as its viewership has stayed—Kroll Show deserves to go down as one of the best sketch shows in television history.

And as devastated as I am that this is the end, whenever the creative folks behind a show get to pull the plug on their own terms, it yields—shockingly—better creative results. Kroll, along with executive producers John Levenstein and Jon Daly, were free to wrap up these characters’ arcs the way they wanted to, and they took a surprisingly sweet route.

Kroll Show simultaneously parodies and reveres the form, style, and voice of reality television. Reality TV …

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