TV Club: Kroll Show: “The Time Of My Life”

Though he wasn’t employed well in the show’s first season, Dr. Armond has always been one of Kroll Show‘s stranger characters. He doesn’t have the same over-the-top zaniness of a lot of Nick Kroll’s most popular characters. In fact, he’s marked by his lack of exaggeration, relentlessly unfazed and expressionless even when his whole life is falling apart around him. His calm and unchanging demeanor gives him a serial killer vibe, and yet, he’s a bizarrely heartfelt guy who loves his spoiled son Roman (Andy Milonakis) and (spoiler alert!) thought-to-be-dead wife Shannon. It’s a weird concept for a character, but it works well, especially when the show pushes Armond into the most ridiculous of situations.

Tonight, the tale of Dr. Armond comes to a close, and it turns out his whole life has been a lie. Everything that has happened to him …

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